Salomé Chatriot - In update

Selected Personnal —
  • Détour art Fair - off Frieze, Los Angeles
  • Spaced in Lost - off Frieze, Los Angeles
  • Synthetic Bodies, Paris
  • Solo Fragile Ecosystem, Geneva
  • Solo x Samuel Fasse W.S//, Nicoletti Contemporary, London 
  • Solo x Samuel Fasse S.S//, Amac Projects, Paris 
  • Spaced in Lost II, Galerie Charraudeau 
  • Spaced in Lost III, Boon Room, Paris
  • Evolution - Nouveau Territoire, Fosum Fondation, Shangaï curated by Dominique Perrault  
  • Solo Performance x Samuel Fasse ForeGate at Silencio, Paris 
2018 2017

Selected Commissionned —
  • Interactive Installation for Levi’s at Le bon Marché in Paris 
2018 - 2020
  • 3D modeling & renderings for internationnal brands 
  • ‘Venus Rises’, a digital image series for Anna Toussain’s Sound Project exhibited in Ecal, Lausanne (CH)

-Digital &


After graduating from the prestigious Swiss University of arts and design of Lausanne, Salomé Chatriot has been working from Paris as a contemporary artist and an mutimedia interaction designer.

As an artist, her work focuses on the creation of physical and virtual spaces: she builds machines and installations where electronic sculptures and digital images coexist. Fascinated by the way science treats body[ies] through data-oriented objectivity, she uses potential futures and new technologies to shape a fluid, digital and precious identity.
In disagreement with the techno-negative attitude, the ecosystems she produces always bear the mark of a certain healing. The well-being she wishes to transmit often involves the real-time diffusion of organic flows such as breathing, circulation of liquids and [al] chemical transformations. In her artistic creations, the process is as important as the result: experimenting and manipulating physical, electronic, digital and virtual materials in the manner of a scientist; with rigour and precision.

Interwiew (EN): Clot Magazine 
Portrait (FR): Numéro Art France 

Currently Living and working in Paris