Venus Rises for Sound Project, 2017

As part of the Art Direction project led by Marie Lusa and Bruno Ceschel, This is a collaborative project that consists of a publication and an installation. Alexandre Rochon from The Dolano Orchestra French folk rock band from Clermont-Ferrand created a body of exclusive and experimental sounds that serve as a basis to create a corpus of images in collaboration with graphic designers and photographers.

Anna Toussaint asked them to create a corpus of disparate sounds, both observed and constructed. Anna Toussaint gave this tracks to artists photographers to create images based from poetic or pragmatic feelings, from when they are listening to the track. How are the photographs illustrating the tone of the sound ? How can contrast, for exemple, be used to express a muffled sounds, while sharpness might correspond to one that is distinct?

The artists photographers are Vilhelm Bjorndahl, Salomé Chatriot, Julien Deceroi, Zoé Gilou, Solal Israël, Vincent Levrat, Calypso Mahieu, Julie Tixier, Nicolas Toulotte. The installation was created in collaboration with Thibaut Evrard, student from the Royal College of London, Information Experience Design.

The whole installation is completely coded by processing. The pictures are presented on a screen and morphed together by the ton of the track. Each tone is represented by a graphic transformation on the photographs. The transformation you can see on the screen are directly created live by the processing code and randomly shown. The publication is a reminiscence of the installation. It is a selection of some screenshots of the processing experience, to create a new sequence.