Synthetic Bodies, 2018

Installation view at Aemergence art Fair, Paris (FR). Video of the performance soonConcrete, tubes, metal, crocodile clips, arduino, kinect, screens, 4K soundsystem, e-textiles, oleander

Multimedia & Interactive Perfomance for the new collection of Studio Fasse 
In collaboration with Samuel Fasse, Sonic Ornaments, Nicolas Armand 
Body painting by Cécile Paravina.
Performers : Miles Greenberg, Maya Coline and Dustin Muchuvitz.
THANKS TO MacCosmetics, Ableton, DV Group and HansBoodt.

As a total work of art, SYNTHETIC BODIES foreground the confrontation of subjective perceptions and realities. It questions our sense of self and the illusion of control over our projected image while depicting the mutual influence of gaze and attention seeking self-disclosure.

It embraces new technology (like soft electric sensors and augmented reality) to create phenomenological bridges between its different elements - performers, objects, printed and digital imagery and music composition - redefining their relations and thus establishing a new order, characterized not by an oscillation between dominance and submission but by an inevitable interdependence.

While literally exposing their image, by wearing them printed on the scarves, the performers, aware of the gaze of the audience, move seemingly deliberately within a virtual cage delimited by the sound. Through their gestures they activate the tech-enhanced sculptural installations. A network of interactions from which a new reality emerges on the digital screens with the performers embedded within a virtual landscape, another dimension of the scene only visible for the audience.

01 Miles
02 Maya 
03 Dustin