Salomé Chatriot - In update

Selected Personnal —
  • Détour art Fair - off Frieze, Los Angeles
  • Spaced in Lost - off Frieze, Los Angeles
  • Synthetic Bodies, Paris
  • Solo Fragile Ecosystem, Geneva
  • Solo x Samuel Fasse W.S//, Nicoletti Contemporary, London 
  • Solo x Samuel Fasse S.S//, Amac Projects, Paris 
  • Spaced in Lost II, Galerie Charraudeau 
  • Spaced in Lost III, Boon Room, Paris
  • Evolution - Nouveau Territoire, Fosum Fondation, Shangaï curated by Dominique Perrault  
  • Solo Performance x Samuel Fasse ForeGate at Silencio, Paris 
2018 2017

Selected Commissionned —
  • Interactive Installation for Levi’s at Le bon Marché in Paris 
2018 - 2020
  • 3D modeling & renderings for internationnal brands 
  • ‘Venus Rises’, a digital image series for Anna Toussain’s Sound Project exhibited in Ecal, Lausanne (CH)

Spaced In Lost, 2018

Installation view, Galerie Charraudeau, Paris (FR)
Virtual reality headset, prints on pvc, digital video

In collaboration with Marine Giraudo 

Spaced in Lost is an exhibition curated by the artist Filip Andreas Skrapic that deals with the idea of the hyper-reality.
He invites five artists from different areas of creation:
AM, Samuel Fasse, Marine Giraudo, Salomé Chatriot and the ephemeral brand StandardClothing to exchange about the question of reality distress when people lose their way through the alteration of their psychic state and space distortion.

Spaced in Lost reflects today’s world interactions where material and immaterial perceptions converge. With the loss of guidance and bearings, the artists translate in their own discipline how they pursue the unknown and find their way in a world of creativity.

The different works show evidences of the post-internet society with vanishing images, miscellaneous installations and unexpected bugs. In this distorting space where fiction and reality intertwine, videos, sound and sculptures meet and tell a story of a new paradigm.