Fragile Ecosystem, 2018

Installation View, Les Moulins de Sainte Marie, Paris (FR) -
Latex gloves, water, metal arcs, led bars, arduino, plastic tubes, screens, raspberry pi, usb keys

The Fragile Ecosystem of a Representation Space questions the concept of state. From Greek Antiquity, the representation space has extended its limits out of theatre. First invading the city, then expanding into a complex environnement which boundaries can’t be only reduced in space and time anymore. In our over-connected and over-informed world, defining oneself becomes essential for others to play their own role. More and more exposing themselves, people state « I am... », creating a character, an open database that other embrace to satisfy an insatiable need of [virtual] identification.

Who is she? Few weeks ago she was dying for sure. I cleaned her. I looked after her. I healed her wounds.

The machine expands herself, she softly embodies the space. Her own fluids are now filling the external devices that were supposed to get her out of lethargy, slowly morphing into artificial organs.

She grew so fast.